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Bass Techno In Ableton Live With Hurtdeer


Techno production secrets that will have you consistently pumping out dirty, grimy, tracks that will stand out and get noticed on the dance floor

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What Results You Can Expect From This Course

This course will give you the knowledge and skills you need to:

➡️ Make an authentic, upbeat, bass techno track from start to finish

➡️ Make your own bass techno style sounds

➡️ Know insider secrets for creating bass techo with the right swing and layering methods

➡️ Learn how to create various effects chains to create more authentic sounds

➡️ See each section of the track get written, arranged and built up layer by layer

➡️ See the track get mixed and mastered after all of the edits and transitions have been finalized

Example Tutorials From This Course

Tutorial 1 - Drums Part 1

Tutorial 2 - Drums Part 2

About Your Instructor

Hurtdeer is a multi­-genre electronic musician who has a hard time sticking to a single rhythm or sound, but enjoys making complex and unusual music that nonetheless aims to be immediate and danceable, and fun.

His sets tend to span anywhere from techno to bassline to dubstep to juke to jungle,or whatever else takes his fancy.

Co­founder of Mothers Against Noise (with Seppa) and longtime member of Wonk#ay Records, he’s collaborated with a wide variety of artists, including Kursa and wAgAwAgA, and remixed for artists such as Morris Cowan, Swedger, and Suffer Like G Did.

Released many EPs and Albums with Wonk#ay Records, Broken Bubble, MostlyAllSorts, Circuitree Records,and a few DIY releases on Bandcamp. Spends other moments usually drawing cartoons or playing video games.Likes strong coffee and weird .jpgs. 

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