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Sound Design With FREQUENT

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Discover sound design secrets from one of the fiercest sound designers in the world, from soul destroying basses to ambient pads and atmospheres that'll leave most producers bewildered. Now for the first time ever, Frequent breaks his silence

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What Results You Can Expect From This Course

This course will give you the knowledge and skills you need to:

➡️ Design a wide range of next-level bass sounds that you can use in any genre of music

➡️ Know how to create movement in your sounds through advanced parallel filtering techniques

➡️ Build your own audio processing chains to use in any project

➡️ Use little-known resampling techniques in ways that other producers will never know about

➡️ Unleash the power of Ableton Sampler to create unique sounds for your music

➡️ Use a wide range of ways to use real-world recordings of sound to use with your sound design

Example Tutorials From This Course

Tutorial 1 - Synthesis - Bass Synthesis With Operator

Tutorial 2 - Synthesis - Making A Build Effect With Operator

About Your Instructor

Frequent is one of the pioneers of intelligent, neuro influenced music of multiple tempos and genres.

He has gained notoriety in the last few years with earth shattering dubstep, drum and bass and glitch hop releases with labels including Ammunition Recordings, Adapted Records, Atom, Human Workshop and Neurofunk Grid.

Now, he is about to reveal his sound design processes step by step in his new course, brought to you exclusively through BassGorilla.com.

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three easy monthly payments of $99 USD

90 day money-back guarantee

Get A Lifelong Full Access Pass
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